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Where did “ Annual Toxicity” come from?

I wrote “Annual Toxicity” a couple years ago in 20 minutes. I had gotten a text from someone that wasn’t in my life anymore, and I was used to getting that text once a year. I started ranting in my journal and those three pages of annoyance and frustration turned into a song. 
Sometimes people simply don’t work out, whether it’s as friends or more than friends, and it was a chapter that was hard to close for the both of us. We were so used to the toxicity, and we would always end up back in each other’s life one way or another. I was tired of the constant back and forth and making up and then fighting again. Everyone in my life was tired of hearing the same drama over and over again. 
For the first time, when he texted me that year, I realized I didn’t care to have him in my life in any way anymore. I was meeting new people and pursuing what I loved; I didn’t need him anymore. I felt free; I had released a weight off my shoulders. It was such a relieving feeling and proud moment for me and the people that cared about me. 
After so many years of arguments and misunderstandings from both parties, I was getting tired of people talking and switching up stories. Every time we would start talking again, something new would come up and it was leading us back to the same vicious cycle. We were both really young and immature; there were so many unanswered questions and conversations we never had, so that kept playing a role in us trying to be friends again. 
We forgot what it was like to actually be on good terms, and we were so comfortable with the toxicity; we would talk every year for a few months, argue again, one of us would try to fix it the following year, and then do it all over again. It was exhausting and it was time for me to finally detach, keep the good memories, and move on with my life. This song is me moving on. 
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